Ok, I kind of cheated with those last 2 posts.  Both were poems I wrote some time ago, and the point of doing this is really to get me into the discipline of writing.  I know I’m writing now, obviously, but this is kind of meta-writing – writing about writing, and about the thought process that goes into it, which seems kind of self-indulgent, if not downright masturbatory.

Then again, one of the aims is to write whatever comes into my head – and seeing as what I’m thinking about now is trying to get back into writing again, that’s what seems to be coming out.  I’m sorry.  This must be terribly boring for you.  I will come out with something original tomorrow.  Really.

If it helps, what I’m thinking right now is “Is masturbatory really a word?  More to the point, is it a word I should be using in a blog my dad’s going to read?”