take my hand and show me

just where I need to go

light my path while you run my bath

tell me

what I need to know.

I never knew that


so good for me could feel

so easy, fun and simple

(as you cook our evening meal).

And if I’d never

met you,

I think I’d be all right

I wouldn’t ever miss

the way you

hold me close

all night;

I’d cook, and do the housework

all by myself, it’s true

(although there wouldn’t be, I know

so much of it to do)

I’d have my cat, and books

and things

(and friends

and family)

a life lived out in books, that doesn’t

sound too bad to me.

It didn’t happen that way

and for that, I’m glad

you give me so much

joy in life

more than I ever had.