They're as terrible as Hitler and the Spanish Inquisition
And they're on their way to visit with a very special mission.
Oh, we'd better all bend over for a metaphoric bumming,
The Auditors are coming!
So the manager's pretending that he doesn't give a damn
But he's secretly been hunting for a sacrificial lamb,
And the rumour mill's in overdrive, the telegraph is humming,
The Auditors are coming!
Well, somebody's been commended for their grasp of all things clerical,
Their head is so inflated that it's practically spherical,
But typing's not their forte, it's all fingering and thumbing...
The Auditors are coming!
They'll be reading all our letters and recording all our calls
And there's no use in protesting, cos they've got us by the balls,
Oh, the skies are filled with portents and the jungle drums are drumming,
The Auditors, the Auditors, the Auditors are coming!