On a lovely Sunday morning, when the sun was in the sky,
And we'd spent the whole week working, and the Saturday flew by;
Well, to stay in bed was tempting, but would be a dreadful waste
So we haul our asses upright, and we dress ourselves with haste.

Little things that make us happy,
Breakfast at a greasy spoon!
Let's get dressed, and make it snappy
For the hour is almost noon.

I take ages to get ready, which I know you find annoying
But then if we never argued, it would rapidly get cloying.
And I'd rather have a fight with you, than peace with anyone,
For I know you never sulk, you only snap, and then you're done.

Little things that make you worry
I can make them disappear;
You don't have to say you're sorry,
Hold me close, love, I'm still here.

Yes, I know I'm kind of overdressed for sausage, egg and beans,
While you're looking far from dapper in your T-shirt and your jeans.
But I feel like Audrey Hepburn in my five quid Asda shades,
And our feelings last forever, even when the glamour fades.

Little things I do to please you,
Little things that make you grin,
Like this dress I wear to tease you;
Who says vanity's a sin?

Oh, I love, I love, I love you, I don't care if I'm a bore,
And I wish that you'd believe I couldn't love you any more
If you had a ton of money, for our love is wealth enough,
And one room with you is better than a mansion full of stuff.

Little things you like to mention,
Little things you always see;
How you pay so much attention
To a little thing like me!