…say something nasty.

Even if you can say nice things, for that matter.

Go on.  Seriously.  Be horrible.  Be cruel.  I can take it.

No, I’m not a masochist.  I do have a point to make.  Coming right up.

People are reading, they’re actually reading this!  And some of them are even people I don’t know!  And they’ve been lovely about it, and I haven’t stopped smiling since I checked my inbox this morning.   Seriously, complete strangers, reading something I’ve written, and responding – and liking it!  It may sound silly, but this is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

But I want more.

Because people are nice.  The people I know personally are particularly nice.  And because they’re nice, and because they like me – god knows why, but they do, probably because they’re such lovely tolerant people – some of them read my blog.  And they tell me how much they like it, sometimes in person, sometimes in the handy little comment box at the bottom of the post.

That comment box.  Down there.  Scroll down a bit, you’ll see it.  Remember this, it will become important in a minute…

My point is.  Yes, I still have a point.  And it’s this: they like me, and they don’t want to hurt my feelings by saying, for example: “What’s with all the long words?  It looks like a dictionary just threw up” or “Actually, it’s an unmitigated pile of wank whose sole redeeming feature is that it rhymes a bit, so it must be a proper poem, I suppose” or even “God, would you shut up about your bloody blog already?”

But I need to hear these things.  I want to hear these things.

I won’t stop writing just because not everybody likes every single thing I’ve written.  I enjoy it too much.  I won’t even change what I write according to what people think, necessarily.  But I would like to know.

Otherwise, how can I improve?  And how do I know when something I do is a success, without anything to compare it to?

Therefore.  My point.  Yes, there still is one.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the comment box at the bottom there – the one I mentioned earlier – and tell me which is your LEAST favourite post on the blog so far.

You don’t even have to tell me why.  You can be as savage as you like.  Don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  Do it anonymously if you like, that’s the thing about the internet, you can do that.  Believe me, the more negative comments I get, the happier I’ll be.  At least then I know people are reading this, and thinking about it.

And THAT’s my point.

Go on.  Stick the knife in.  Let the bile flow.  You know you want to…