They’ll tell you to diet
be quiet
not loud
or they’ll tell you to riot
that you should be proud
and that you should be confident,
strong little girl
or that you should be still
though inside is awhirl
with your will
and what everyone
tells you to be.
Don’t you listen to them, my pet,
listen to me.
But ignore them, ignore them
ignore me as well,
for you know what you are
and I don’t have to tell
you to chose your own way,
just be you, Jezebel.
See: two mirrors, a brace,
one before, one behind
one is showing your face
and the other, your mind,
with a million reflections,
collections of you,
and each one is an option
of what you could do.
There are some that are naughty
not sporty, but fat,
some are clever,
how stressful is that?
One is pretty,
just pretty,
perhaps that’s enough;
but another is witty,
rude, gritty,
and tough.
So they’ll say you must choose
which to lose, which to keep,
and you weep as you reap
what you think you have sown,
they will tell you you did it
all on your own.